Diagnostic Tools:

I use helpful counseling forms such as this Personal Data Information Form, the Problem Pattern Analysis form, and other aids to gain an understanding of the central problems a person is experiencing.

Intent Listening:

I encourage the counselee to speak/write his mind/thoughts in an appropriate fashion and to discuss his thoughts, anxieties, resentments, and fears so that the counselor will have a clear understanding of the central problems.

Team Counseling:

There are times when a counseling situation may call for a team approach. In this event, I may have your local minister involved in the counseling. The counselors share insights and opinions with one another which pertain to the case. Team Counseling can be especially helpful when counseling Online.


The counselee will make more rapid progress when they are required to study or to perform specific informational or behavioral assignments which pertain to the problem. I tailor these assignments to the individual counselee and the circumstances. Having your local minister involved in the counseling will aid with this progress.


I am not interested in wasting the time of the counselors or the counselees. I am interested in believers learning how to experience the peace and joy that result from a walk of obedience to God's Word, and I will hold the counselees accountable for doing the assignments on schedule.



I am careful to protect each counselee's confidentiality. There are times, however, when a counselor must consult with other counselors for advice. If information is revealed in counseling which indicates a genuine potential for harm to a counselee or others, the counselor may have to share that information with the appropriate authorities or family members.


Your First Step:

Send me an e-mail with your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, and EMAIL CONTACT information.

NOTE- Once I have your contact information I will contact you to begin the counseling process.

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