A Definition of Biblical Christian Counseling

Biblical Christian Counseling is Christ-centered.

I believe that any counseling that is worthy of the name "Christian" will be conscientiously and comprehensively Christ centered. It will make much of who and what Christ is, what He has done for us in His life and death and resurrection and in sending the Holy Spirit, what He is doing for us right now in His session at the Father's right hand and what He will yet do for us in the future.

In Biblical Christian Counseling, the Christ of the Bible will not be an appendage, a "tack on" for living your life in the "fast lane". He will be the core, the center as well as the circumference and everything in between of your counseling. Understanding the nature and causes of our human difficulties will include understanding ways in which we are unlike Christ in our values, aspirations, desire, thought, feelings, choices, attitudes, actions and responses in the various aspects of our lives. Resolving those sin-related difficulties will include being redeemed and justified through Christ, receiving God's forgiveness through Christ and acquiring from Christ enabling power to replace un-Christ-like (sinful) patterns of life with Christ-like, godly ways of life.

Biblical Christian Counseling is Church-centered.

A study of the Scriptures makes it abundantly clear that the local church is the primary means by which God intends to accomplish His work in the world. The local church is His ordained instrument for calling the lost to Himself and the context in which He sanctifies and changes His people into the very likeness of Christ. According to Scripture, the church is His household. It is the pillar and ground of the truth and the instrument he uses in helping His people to put off the old manner of life. The pre-Christian habit patterns and life styles, ways of thinking, feeling, choosing, and acting. Then to put on the new self, a new manner of life, Christ-like thoughts, feelings, choices, actions, values responses, life styles, habit patterns (1Timothy 3:15; Ephesians 4:1-23).

Biblical Christian Counseling is Bible based.

Biblical Christian counseling will be conscientiously and comprehensively Bible based, deriving its understanding of who man is, the nature of his main problem, why he has these problems and how to resolve them from the Scriptures. In other words, for counseling to be worthy of the name Christian, the counselor must be conscientiously and comprehensively committed to the sufficiency of Scripture for the understanding and resolving all of the non-physical personal and interpersonal sin-related difficulties of man.

About Biblical Christian Counseling by Ed Healy Online.

Biblical Christian Counseling by Ed Healy Online is a free online ministry conducted via E-mail. This counseling is "Directive Biblical Counseling," also known as Nouthetic Christian Counseling, using the Scriptures as the standard for counseling principles.

Edward E. Healy (now retired in 2007) has been a Certified Christian Counselor and member with the "National Association of Nouthetic Counselors" from 1978 thru 2007. My counseling goal is to help people have victory over life's problems through an understanding of Biblical principles revealed by God in the Scriptures.

To Begin Online Counseling.

The most ideal condition for Nouthetic Counseling is in person within the structure of a local church ministry. This Online Ministry via E-mail is offered only as a means to help those persons who are not located near a Nouthetic Counselor. I will minister with your local congregation to help bring about victory over life's problems through an understanding of Biblical principles revealed by God in the Scriptures.

To begin your Online Counseling you must FIRST complete the ONLINE COUNSELING FORM. Then I will begin the process of corresponding with you via e-mail.

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